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Let's discuss if we'd allow "Code Review" questions here in python.ta

If we were to allow it:

- Code should already be a working solution
- Questions (?) & Answers (definitely) should be crafted in light of being useful to future users (since TA's goal is to be a "library of knowledge" --- not a support forum.)

I think the last one is a bit tricky and I am uncertain whether it is possible given TA's platform. Jack has mentioned in [chat](

> I guess an answer that’s useful for future users is one that explicitly draws out a principle of good coding, so we have to hope that that is the way people will vote in practice

There is a similar discussion about "Code Reviews" that happened in [Meta]( I haven't checked how CRs are happening in [Tex]( but it'd be interesting to know how it's working out there.

There are not much users here in /python but I thought I start a discussion going here anyway.

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