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What is the poetry equivalent of installing extras / or the equivalent of the following pip install command:

`pip install python-jose[cryptography]`

`poetry install python-jose[cryptography]` gives `no matches found: python-jose[cryptography]`

In the [docs](https://python-poetry.org/docs/cli/#install), I see the `-E` argument but the sample code seems like it's only installing extras:

poetry install --extras "mysql pgsql"
poetry install -E mysql -E pgsql

...and the "main package" should already be in pyproject.toml.

The link to `Extras` where it says 

> (See [Extras](https://python-poetry.org/docs/cli/#extras) for more info)

seems to be broken.
Top Answer
`poetry add -E [extra package] [main package]`

So in the case of `python-jose[cryptography]`:

`poetry add -E cryptography python-jose`

It's currently not document in the `add` section of the docs, but I assume the argument works the same as it is used in `install` so perhaps you can add multiple extras by doing:

`poetry add --extras "[extra1 extra2]" [main package]`

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