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I have a CLI app and I want to debug it using VS Code (Code).

I know there's a "Debug current file" option in Code but since I have to pass the actual CLI command, just doing "Debug current file" (in this case the entry point of my CLI app", it won't work.

The entry-point of my CLI app:


import load_env  # noqa
from cli.main import app

if __name__ == "__main__":

I want to debug what happens when I run the CLI command, e.g

`python appeal --start-month 1`

...where `appeal --start-month 1` is the CLI command + command options.
Top Answer
**TL;DR** `python -m debugpy --listen 5678 --wait-for-client appeal --start-month 1`

As found in [VS Code docs on CLI debugging](

> `--listen or --connect [<host>:]<port>` --- **Required.** Specifies the host address and port for the debug adapter server to wait for incoming connections (--listen) or to connect with a client that is waiting for an incoming connection (--connect). This is the same address that is used in the VS Code debug configuration. By default the host address is localhost (
> `--wait-for-client	none`	--- **Optional.** Specifies that the code should not run until there's a connection from the debug server. This setting allows you to debug from the first line of your code.

I had to `pip install debugpy` to be able to run the command so I can debug it.

Also, IIRC, I had to use the `--wait-for-client` option otherwise my script simply executes without stopping at the breakpoints. This might just be because of a specific detail in my setup.

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