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I have several directories (jobs) (> 50) in ` C:/tmp` on my Windows 10 (x64, 8 CPUs) PC. Each directory contains an EXE file (my_file.exe) and other files as inputs to EXE. I can run this EXE via Windows CLI like this:

C:/tmp/my_file.exe my_inputs.txt

The EXE file runs and produces output in each directory (`my_output.txt`).

To run 7 jobs, I do the following:

C:/tmp/my_file.exe my_inputs1.txt
C:/tmp/my_file.exe my_inputs2.txt
C:/tmp/my_file.exe my_inputs3.txt

Instead of manually running 7 jobs again and again (7 jobs = 7 CPUs keeping some PC resources for the other processes), I would like to automate this procedure.

In PowerShell, is there a way such that, I could run 7 EXEs (7 CPUs) (starting from directory 1) at the same time, keeping an "eye" on whether a job is finished (probably by monitoring `output.txt` in each directory), kill that process, and start the new EXE in the queue, until all EXEs in all the directories have been executed and produced the outputs?

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