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Anonymous 1589
I'm trying to grab two numbers representing the number of bytes that left from or arrived to my Windows computer since I last instructed this mechanism to "reset the stats".

I wish for these two numbers to be shown per-program, in either a plaintext or CSV or JSON format (or whatever format, really), such as:

	cmd.exe		343454354	23234424
	php.exe		343454354	23234424
	palemoon.exe	243454354	23234424	343454354	23234424
	ntkernel.exe	343454354	23234424
	vlc.exe		343454354	23234424

I wish to be able to regularly call something like:


To show the above output, which I then import into my database, and then I call:

	showmenetworkstats.exe --clear-stats

Or something to reset them back to 0.

The reason I need it to be command-line is for my PHP CLI scripts to be able to control/grab this.

This *seems* like an extremely reasonable request to me, almost *embarrassingly* basic, but it's now been many years and I've asked and searched all over the Internet yet never found any such feature built into Windows, nor even available as a trustworthy third-party (freeware) program either.

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