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A year ago I modified my X11 keyboard for my assignment and added a [GitHub repository](https://github.com/NiranjanTambe/Indic-IPA) of the same. This keyboard was made with some guidelines found [here](http://people.uleth.ca/~daniel.odonnell/Blog/custom-keyboard-in-linuxx11).

It works well with [Ubuntu](https://ubuntu.com/) & [MX Linux](https://mxlinux.org) (Xfce), but fails to work with [Trisquel](https://trisquel.info). I wanted to know the working of X11. Trisquel, despite having X11 keyboards, has different code files. I came to know about it when I literally compared both of them. If I want to make keyboards which must reach a large number of users, which keyboard code should I consider standard?

Also I was not able to find any repository of X11 or Xkb. If I want to add a pull request where should I do that?

Basically I want to make some new keyboards and merge them with the current versions of X11. Is it possible?

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