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Is there a flag or shell one-liner I can use to enumerate all valid leaf-node json paths in a document? 

For example, given the following `document.json`...

  "a": "foo",
  "b": [
      "d": "bar",
      "e": [
  "f": {
    "g": "baz"
  "h": null,
  "i": "zap"

...I would like a command to return the following...

# js ./document.json --get-leaf-paths

For reference, I've spent the morning nearly getting this to work in powershell with [this function (link)][1], but I'm wondering if I'm either missing something built in to jq in it's [voluminous man page][2] or if there's an easy bash one-liner I'm too dense to see. 

[1]: https://floobits.com/PoshCode/PowerShell.Slack.com/file/petervandivier/Get-PropertyValues.ps1:138
[2]: https://stedolan.github.io/jq/manual/
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Jack Douglas
you can use `paths(scalars)` (or `leaf_paths`, but that is deprecated according to the `man` page).

To convert the path arrays produced by `paths(scalars)` to the readable text representation I used a custom function `pathexpr` I found [in the jq issue tracker](https://github.com/stedolan/jq/issues/1949) on GitHub.

echo '{ "a": "foo", "b": [ 1, 2, { "d": "bar", "e": [1] } ], "f": { "g": "baz" }, "h": null, "i": "zap" }' | \
jq 'paths(.==null or scalars) | map(if type == "number" then "[\(tostring)]" else "."+. end) | join("")'


[Try it online!](https://tio.run/##JYsxDoMwEAT7vGJ1DaAgJFJG4iVAYYPBILCJbYqQ8HZyVrqdmzkpvL4u1WmL5AMS9AQN1lIOkrxrlDkeOVj1UUnholJRlS1OtEwDEwfjPzgIJx81k9mXhecUxSE2Fgm@aG7zC8kmgvZpUVUxgnXwnViE8xkXq9jSaUB4bwpVBTL7KpUjBK0MqG7SYH1wkxmzlqAWr0AF3Qso08f32U4mJcqS6/oB "Bash – Try It Online")

Note that if you have `null` values, `jq` version 1.5 (like the version in TIO) will not return those keys in the output above, but 1.6 works as intended.

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