# PowerShell on FreeBSD

I'm a PowerShell man. Despite the fact that I no longer work on Microsoft ecosystem projects, I still use PowerShell as a "safety blanket" when I'm having trouble figuring out a scripting task using bash or python. 

Sadly for me, there's a blocker to really evangelizing PowerShell to some of the people I work with:

1. We need to write code that's portable
2. Some of our infrastructure is on FreeBSD
3. FreeBSD does not support PowerShell

Unsurprisingly, I'm not the first person to wish this was available. lists PowerShell as WIP but currently unassigned. Sadly it seems to have been [started in 2018][gsoc-2018] and was abandoned shortly after. You can see the progress of the code review at [D16707][D16707]. User [danfe][danfe] has [recently chimed in][1] to offer to to pick the work back up. 


I'm still a bona fide n00b in the wide world of \*nix and I don't have anywhere near the skills needed to complete the port. As someone with a vested interest in it though, I'd like to keep this blog post as a place to track it and collate helpful resources as it (hopefully) progresses to completion :-D 

[dotnet/runtime#14537] has had no material forward progress since November 2019, but it appears to be the most promising active thread given that [PowerShell/PowerShell#12612] is closed and marked blocked behind runtime#14537 :,(


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