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Jack Douglas
Each community has a url like this:


Ours has been set up as for the private beta, but I'm [not even sure]( whether*nix would be allowed or not. If you know the answer or have any other suggestions, please post an answer here.
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**nix** is exactly what I would choose. 

It is easy to remember and it has been widely used to group the Linux and Unix communities together. It's short and simple, and frankly I think that it sets a good scope for what the community should be.
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hackerb9 It's what I actually guessed and typed into my browser to try to find the topanswer's Unix site.

At the moment, seems to want different sites to exist as subdirectories of the main site. If domain names are not implemented, then I would propose:


While "\*nix" is cute, and I wouldn't mind it being an alias, it's not commonly enough used that it should be the default name. \*nix and UN\*X are what we used to say long ago when we were afraid AT&T's lawyers would sue everyone for infringing on their trademark. Nowadays, Unix may technically be a trademark of somebody, but widespread usage has given it a liberty it always deserved: the freedom to be called by its right name. 


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