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New keyboard layouts added in [the central repository]( take a lot of time to be released through the distros, but users might want to use them immediately. Therefore I am willing to build an automated script which will install the latest layouts from the git-repository to any X window system. They have [a set of instructions]( for installing the latest version. First of all can this be ever achieved safely without any risks? If not I'll mostly abort the plan, but if yes I would love to write a script for achieving something like this.

As far as I can see, instruction no. 2, 3 and 4 can be achieved with `git clone`, `make` and some basic linux commands like `cd`, `mv`. The problem with the first instruction is so far I haven't come across a command which can return the path for the default XKB configuration directory. The directory varies as per the distribution. Do you know of any such command which can return the path? If there isn't such a command, can we write some commands in bash to obtain the path for that directory?

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