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I have the following bash (snippet):

while IFS= read -r line

    case "$line" in \#*) continue ;; esac
    echo "Executing command: $line"
    sshpass -p$KARAF_SSH_PASS ssh user@localhost -p 8101 "$line";
    echo "Exit code: $exit_code."


This executes only once. The output is kind of this:

> #commented line
> Executing command: command1 // first line to be executed from $COMMANDS_FILE
> Password authentication // output from ssh authentication
> some other command result
> Exit code: 0.

Normally the process should continue with the next line, but it stops here. Do you have any idea why this?
If I comment the line containing the execution:
> sshpass -p$KARAF_SSH_PASS ssh user@localhost -p 8101 "$line";

than, I get listed all lines from file. Do you have any idea how to get executed all lines from file?

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