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When I enter correct password display blinks and return me back to the login page. I'm positive that password is correct.

There're no any error messages or something like that.

I tried to find the solution before asking but this is the case when I found too much answers and my experiance with Ubuntu is so limited that I just don't know what (and how exactly) should I do first.

***OS***: Ubuntu 20.04

*Update 1*

I tried to follow an instruction from [How to Fix the Ubuntu Login Loop]( article


ls -lah | grep -i Xauthority

command didn't return anything.

*Update 2*

I tried some suggestions from [Login loop after installing 20.04](


sudo apt-get purge chrome-remote-desktop

(I haven't that package)


sudo apt-get purge 'nvidia.*'

I wasn't able to retrieve the package.


sudo apt install nvidia-driver-440

packages were updated / replaced but with no effect to the issue.


sudo apt-get install lightdm

after that login page looks differently but the loop is still here.

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