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I managed to install samba 4.11.2 on my CentOS 8.
When I try to start nmb service
> systemctl start nmb

I get this:
[2020/10/14 10:56:18.213578,  0] ../../source3/nmbd/nmbd.c:956(main)
  nmbd version 4.11.2 started.
  Copyright Andrew Tridgell and the Samba Team 1992-2019
[2020/10/14 10:56:18.216278,  0] ../../lib/util/become_daemon.c:147(daemon_status)
  daemon_status: daemon 'nmbd' : No local IPv4 non-loopback interfaces available, waiting for interface ...
[2020/10/14 10:56:18.216383,  0] ../../source3/nmbd/nmbd_subnetdb.c:254(create_subnets)
  NOTE: NetBIOS name resolution is not supported for Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6).


My network interface which is up at this moment is a ppp0 interface. If I configure another ethernet interface meanwhile and retry the command

> systemctl start nmb

I get the same result.

Why this? What can I do to get nmb up and working?

Top Answer
It seems that `nmbd` service doesn't recognize Point-to-Point (ppp) interface. In order to solve this issue I had to bring up the well known ethernet network interface (let's call it `eth0`).

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