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Jack Douglas
Some meta posts (like [these](/meta?q=739) [two](/codegolf?q=946)) are basically polls, with answers that are a list of simple options like "yes, let's do this" or "no, let's not".

There are a couple of downsides to posting these as 'Meta' questions (or normal questions here on meta.ta):

1. If you post an option, you can't vote for it
1. Someone could get a lot of stars for just the word "yes"

We thought it might be good to have a new post type, 'Poll', just for this kind of question. Poll's are like Meta posts, but any answers are owned by the Community user instead of the user that posted them. Anyone can post answers, and vote on any answers, even those they posted themselves.

Do you think this would be useful? Let's put it to the vote :)
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