Colin 't Hart
Then it should just be a matter of pointing your phone's camera at your laptop's screen to get mobile :-)
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This will be quite easy to do...in the context of native apps. Generating the code and showing it is trivial, the tricky part is reading it. I'm pretty sure it's possible but don't think it's very easy to do at the moment using mobile web browsers.

Given the marginally better experience this would create, I don't think it's worth much developer time at this stage. If and when native aps are developed for accessing the site API this will be a great little feature.

For MFA[^note1], providing QR codes makes a lot more sense since TOTP[^note2] storage apps typically already have built-in functions for reading them.

[^note1]: Multi Factor Authentication
[^note2]: Timed One Time Password
Can we use QR codes for linking accounts etc?
Personally I'm more of an `htop` guy.
Paul White
I prefer ZZTOP
Caleb replying to Paul White
There are other OTP schemes, for example HMAC based HOTP, but TOTP is one you've probably used without knowing what it was called.
Any time you use an app like Google Authenticator, Athy, or just get a digit code sent to you my SMS to confirm a login after your password, you're using some iteration of those.
MFA = Multi Factor Authentication  
TOTP = Timed One Time Password
Paul White
@Caleb The MFA and TOTP acronyms are unfamiliar to me. Please provide definitions (or links to definitions) in your answer?