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I am going to propose a Computer Science Theory community, but I don't know anyone passionate of this subject other than me.
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Jack Douglas
Thanks, hopefully one day we will be able to launch this community but we don't think we can do so today.

The current criteria for new communities we are working with is that we will launch a community on request if it is for a topic that lends itself to the focused Q&A format, and if any one of the following is true:

1. we have at least a handful of people who want to get involved, who are passionate about building that community here

1. the topic is so vast that it may be able to eventually build up steam of it's own accord by random accretion (like C++/*nix/PHP/.net perhaps)

1. the community caters to a niche not well served by any other platform

A [Theoretical computer science]( community [already exists on Stack Exchange]( and isn't in the top tier of high-traffic topics. That means we'll need to wait until we have a few other people committing to community building here.

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