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I noticed that we have drafts functionality. Such that if I click `Ask`, type title and body of the post, close the submission form without `submit`-ting and then click `Ask` again the draft of the post is restored.

But the way it is implemented imposes certain limitations, and I think it could be improved.

As I see the Local Storage mechanism is used. So, draft is stored locally on the user's device. It means that you can not start draft on one device and continue with it on another. It would be nice to have drafts stored on server, so that they are available on any device, where user has access to own account.

As far as I understand, we are limited to one draft per community currently. So, for example, you cannot work on a blog post and an answer to a question at the same time in a convenient way. It would be nice to have as many drafts as needed along with possibility of simple management (list/view/edit/delete) of drafts somewhere. It could, for example, be "Drafts" section in the Profile.

After some experience with blog posts, I think that for drafts it would be useful to have some kind of "snapshots" feature, so that current state of the draft could be saved when necessary. I have been in the situation several times, when after number of changes to a paragraph, attempting to improve it, I was realizing that I made it just worse. I had to restore it from offline copy in such cases. Also, once I was in a situation, when due to some error on page I lost text of a post and I had no offline backup. I had to restore it from my memory, and I had to upload the same images to server again (it is possible to recollect text, but not URL of an uploaded image). Snapshots should be view only I think. So basic actions for draft snapshots could be: take snapshot, view it and delete it.
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Jack Douglas
We've just released a new feature for draft posts. Using it is entirely optional — unpublished posts still use localstorage to save edits in the same way as before, and the 'publish' button does exactly what the old 'submit' button did.

The feature works as follows:

* You can save an unpublished version of a new post to the server using the 'save draft' button: ![Screenshot 2020-10-04 at 22.16.45.png](/image?hash=38b8fae6e7f6d15fcafcb88a9b027492f2fc23684fa380d5167221a2ab6d2844)
* unpublished drafts cannot be:
  1. seen by anyone but the author
  2. voted on
  3. flagged
  4. answered
* You can edit a draft like any other post and save it, creating a new version of the draft (the old version will be visible to you only in the post history)
* When you want to publish, you tick the 'publish' checkbox before submitting the update (you can make edits and publish in one step, or you can choose to publish a saved draft without editing)
* After publishing, the full post history remains visible to you, and you only. Other users see the post history as if the first version was the version you published.
* If you wish, you can permenantly delete the draft versions after publishing from the post history page.

At this stage we've only implemented the feature for 'question' type posts (which includes blog posts and polls etc). If it's well received and if there is demand for the same feature for answers we'll roll that out at a later date.

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