Paul White
In Q & A and chat, we can one-box answers.

For example `@@@ answer 44` renders as:

@@@ answer 44

Can we please have the same option for questions?

Right now `@@@ question 72` renders as:

\@@@ question 72

Or is this feature intended purely for "duplicates"?

Should this formatting option be documented in the markdown answer above?
Top Answer
Jack Douglas
We've added markdown one-boxing for questions.

So `@@@ question 72` now renders as:

@@@ question 72

If you don't want the one-boxing you can evade it with `\@@@ question 72`. I had to tweak the question like that because it stopped making sense when we added the feature.

One-boxed question will list answers like on the community home pages, and if there are lots of answers they will be collapsed by default:

@@@ question 609

There are various bugs on the 'edit post page' but once posted it looks correct. The 'edit post page' is due a lot of love, and we hope to get to it quite soon!

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