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update Feb 2020: the GitHub issue tracker is now available:

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Anything that requires discussion or voting should be raised here on meta first, but bugs and issues that don't can go directly on the GitHub issue tracker.


Speaking from experience, neither chat nor forums nor a Q&A format are really well suited to tracking bugs and feature requests. It turns out Q&A is pretty good at helping people _use_ a site and understand its features (and to a lesser extent discussing their merits) but it quite frankly sucks for tracking progress, especially when the progress is code in an open source project or being worked on by a distributed team.

I would like to see the code for this release in a git repository with a proper **issue tracker** such as Github or Gitlab. This meta can still be used for asking questions, but bug reports and specific feature requests should then be posted there.

I say "specific" feature requests, because many feature requests start out life as less nuts and bolts technical requests and more philosophical inquires. Some feature requests may start out like on meta:

> "Should we add downvotes?"

...should be asked here. After the inevitable mountain of opiniouns that brews settles down towards a concencus, the actual feature request can hit the issue tracker as:

> "Add downvote system that subtracts N points from user rep"
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Colin 't Hart
OK, I'm assuming really small problems can be just raised in The Tavern (chat) where they can be quickly addressed (possibly with a change or fix). Larger issues should probably be raised as a question and tagged appropriately: "bug" or "feature request" (not sure how I can find the list of tags or even use them here).

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