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While punctuation user names appear to be banned, some plain-text names are also annoying to the general audience, and would only be chosen by a user to intentionally disturb others:

* **Anonymus**: Leaving one's profile user name field blank causes one to show up as *Anonymous*
* **Me**: The chat's notes about who someone replied to will be very confusing if we allow this name

* **all**, **everyone**, **anyone**: Common ways to informally address everyone paying attention in a chat room.

* **mods**, **staff**, **crew**: This is normal when trying to get the attention of any, but no particular, moderator.

We should ban these.
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This seems like putting the cart before the horse.

I'm personally of the opinion that any blacklist index of this type is by definition going to be incomplete. You can't think of all the ways someone is going to be able to abuse this _one specific avenue_. 

1. What if someone uses profanity as a user name?
2. What if it's profanity in another language?
3. What if it's exactly what you originally blacklisted but for well-intentioned tomfoolery?

Blacklisting a  list of words for username is too myopic to be effective as good community practice in my opinion. It would instead be more prudent to consider tooling around identifying, managing, and - if necessary - quarantining problem users based on actual behaviour.

> Don't use this particular band-aid unless and until you've actually got a cut that needs closing.

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