I went to the C++ site and tried to change my font:

![Screen Shot 2020-02-24 at 11.27.31 PM.png](/image?hash=ce4a5fb2d50921714fef7dec840a07374283e8d7220dd557411808cd7c66b267)

After I clicked the "save" button the page refreshed, and I saw:

![Screen Shot 2020-02-24 at 11.27.51 PM.png](/image?hash=244153382dc6810df5980746958273c53cb1dc0b9c3be5a98bb386a017c216b5)

I first noticed this problem on Code Golf, and tried another site to see if it's site-specific, since Code Golf also only offers one font:

![Screen Shot 2020-02-24 at 11.30.23 PM.png](/image?hash=1c9083a0a39ec4a8665fbec7633a7062a3025b55f3c38fc52521322b118dc348)
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Jack Douglas
Thanks, this is now fixed!

In the end it was easy to repro with a new account — as it only affected font changes on communities where you haven't yet posted or commented (or linked your SE account).
Per-site font settings are not sticking
Oh, new accounts only!  Thank you for figuring that out and fixing it.  And yes, the first thing I do is change the font to one I can see more easily, before participating otherwise, so I guess I didn't see it on accounts that predated the ability to customize fonts.
Monica replying to David
Hmm, I don't know -- I've been setting to dejavu everywhere, as I discover the need.
I don't see any other extensions that could be relevant.  I'll try to remember to check on another OS tomorrow at work.
Not coming from a userscript (happens with TamperMonkey disabled).
Monica replying to Jack Douglas
Hmm, weird.  I'm using Chrome on Mac (Sierra).  I don't have NoScript installed on Chrome.  I don't *think* anything else could interfere with JS, but I'll do some poking.
Jack Douglas
Thanks for reporting this @Monica — we can't repro but would like to fix it! Do you mind sharing details of what browser & OS you are using, and whether you have any sort of extension that might block some Javascript? Anything you don't want public you could DM me on Twitter…
@Monica I wonder if it is a site-related issue (or combination of sites—is that possible?). I use Source Sans on most sites except TeX, where I use Charis. And that's working/sticking fine...