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What are these two tags for?
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- `[fun]` will be used for humorous, light-hearted, seasonal or celebratory activities/posts/etc.
- `[mix-up]` tags items that might have been the subject of confusion or misunderstanding; it seems this designation is not yet set in stone.

(*Caveat lector*! My guesses, so I hope they're not too far off the mark. ;))
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Jack Douglas
it's now possible to search by tag, and find the questions with these two tags.

> What are these two tags for?

I'm guessing we might want to keep `fun` and maybe rename `mix-up` to `by-design` or something like that?
Unused [fun] and [mix-up] tags
Jack Douglas replying to Adám
true enough. David's answer now has that covered fortunately…
@Jack This doesn't answer what they are for.