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samcarterCC BY-SA 4.0
What do you think about making the edit notification link to the post itself in addition or instead of linking to the post history page?


Personally I would prefer a link to the post itself because:

- Especially for answer edits, I often need to have a look at the question first to remember what the topic was about. 

- Many changes are easy to see in the post itself because nice user prefix them with "edit:" or even with nice date information like in the change log. Viewing the busy history page which shows 3 versions at once feels unnecessary complicate to get the information I want

- Even if changes are not immediately visible, I find it easier to skim through the post to compare to what I have read previously than to look at the history page

- the post history page is like a cul-de-sac. Notifications or room icons are not visible there, so if I want to move on to other posts I must either go to the parent post itself, the main site or use my browser to go back to where I came from. Especially the route via escaping through the parent post feels like a waste of time, because in most cases this would have already given me the information I wanted without visiting the history page

- Not your fault, but of my slow laptop: especially post history pages of very long posts or many edits either take a long time to render or make my browser freeze completely

(don't get me wrong, the history page is very useful, I would just prefer to not go to it by default. If I want to see it, I can still access it from the post itself)

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