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I asked a question before, then I clicked to ask another question and it filled in both the title and content from the previous question, rather than leaving them empty. What's going on?!
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James Douglas
This is now fixed, it's now working the way it was originally intended:

* Question text is cached locally in your browser (per community)
* Answer text is cached locally in your browser (per question)
* The cached text is removed when you post the question/answer
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Jack Douglas
Thanks, this is a regression — [now fixed](/meta?q=648#a727).
New question copies previous one
James Douglas replying to aditsu
Yes, or just delete the text and it should stay gone.
@James I'm still seeing cached text, I guess I need to ask another question and then it will clear?
David replying to James Douglas
Thanks for the heads-up, James! I think I noticed this was fixed when I posted my Merriweather font "answer" this morning. Good work! 👍
James Douglas
@PeterVandivier, @David this shouldn't happen anymore :)
@aditsu I've seen this, too.
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PeterVandivier replying to Jack Douglas *— 16 days ago* *in [The Tavern](/meta?room=1#c13292)*  
>just pinning here in case it happens/has happened to anyone else - looks like the "`ask question`" button dropped me into a cached pre-publish edit of the last question i asked