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Is it possible to delete a message I wrote in the chat?
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Jack Douglas
There should be a way to delete chat messages, and we will add this and update this answer when we do.

There will ultimately be a 'comments/chat cleanup crew' to complement the '[post cleanup crew](/meta?q=182#a402)', and they will be able to see deleted messages as they may be necessary to interpret flags.

I think perhaps deleted messages should remain visible (but be clearly marked as deleted) for those currently in the chat room — they can disappear properly on refresh or navigation.
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It sure doesn't look like it.

Maybe the same red "close" button as used to dismiss messages can appear in the same location on one's own messages until edit time runs out?

I also propose that if one edits a chat message before time runs out, removing all of its content, it should disappear. Currently, one just cannot submit it if it is all whitespace.
Delete chat messages?
PeterVandivier replying to David
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PeterVandivier *— 2 minutes ago* *in [/dev/random](/nix?room=581#c20900)*  
>darn! can't delete typo msg :-P
David replying to Adám
@aditsu [Me three](https://topanswers.xyz/transcript?room=1&id=15950&year=2020#c15950).
-.- not even protected white spaces can trick the system :(
Adám replying to aditsu
Me too. Edited in.
@Adám I'd prefer an explicit delete button