John Eisbrener
Hi everyone,

Glad to see a good contingent of the community working on a new home.  I hope to see this site grow into a great community that continually finds itself on the first search result page for a good number of things I tend to dig for.

I suspect much of the same posting etiquette exists here as over on, so I'll keep this question limited to one topic, which the post subject pretty well addresses.  

**Why is there no logout button?  If there is, where is it?**

The only way I currently know how to *log out* is to delete the cookie for the site.  I don't know if this *feature* is on a worklog or not, but if not, can it be?

Why do you need a logout button?  Well, if you're like me and logged in on different machines under two different PINs, at some point you need to log out to log back in under a consolidated PIN.  Yes, it may not be the biggest deal, but I think in the long term the ability to log out will be necessary as I'm sure there are a plethora of good reasons why you'd want to log out of a site.

Top Answer
Jack Douglas
I think you are undoubtedly right that there are lots of good reasons why we should provide a log-out button — perhaps on the profile page if not the main page.

I'll update this post when we add the feature.

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