completed feature-request
* "What is this site about?"
* "What are best practices here?"
* "What kind of questions are on topic?"

These are some of the questions that should be easy to get an answer for.

I suggest that the main site view top bar gets an [About]() link on the left, next to the site name. It should go to a special Wiki post where the community in question writes a brief intro to the site, and link to various relevant Wiki posts.
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Jack Douglas
Update Feb 16 2020: this is now available with the (experimental) new header navigation.

Currently, you can only see it in action if you have access to the Code Golf beta, but other communities can add 'about' pages on request.


Yes this would be very useful, though it may not end up being a simple link in the header because we are currently rethinking site navigation via the controls there. The site dropdown may become a more flexible custom control similar to the community dropdown on SE — and there would definitely be room for a dedicated link in there.

I've moved this on to [to a GitHub issue](https://github.com/topanswers/topanswers/issues/26) so work can begin and will update the post here when it is complete.
Special "About" post
Jack Douglas
if you want that message customised, please let us know…
Jack Douglas replying to Adám
The new notification looks like this:  
![Screenshot 2020-02-16 at 01.28.55.png](/image?hash=9c2eed1fb91c2d2fb6e2937e680da745054e13dd835ccb81ba5e58de50fa5df9)
Jack Douglas replying to Adám
ok, as soon as the 'about' page is up, we'll start sending notifications to new CG users!
Adám replying to Jack Douglas
Absolutely. That'd be a huge step forward from SE.
Jack Douglas replying to Bubbler
Understood — and @Adám's suggestion is going to happen in some form for sure. In addition we are able to send system notifications to users when they first interact with a community (eg vote, post, chat etc). Would it be useful to have a notification go out to new Code Golf users pointing to the 'about' page? We'll make the exact text of the notification customisable per-community.
Bubbler replying to Jack Douglas
A link could be fine for many other sites. But codegolf.TA needs more visibility than that, mainly because we've got tons of things to understand before a newcomer can contribute well.
Jack Douglas
@Adám in a similar vein, we've also been thinking of a 'faq' link that shows posts tagged `faq` in order of votes.