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If one's avatar is partially transparent, for example like the topanswers icon https://avatars3.githubusercontent.com/u/59606420?s=400&v=4, then it currently will be displayed with black background


For me this was quite surprising, because from other sites/programs I am used to substituting transparency with white or grey. 

![document1.png](/image?hash=0d4983f94e35ee323eb7e41b55896fa9da5da02e927fa09076899c5164d7121f) ![document.png](/image?hash=6f610483220b6273b8189e0130c3661da4ffe84f29b8ec681c75573db7d95277)

What does the community think? Do you like the black background? Should it be changed (if technically possible)?
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# Keep it transparent
Avatars appear in post headers which have a silver background, in post summaries which have a white background, in chat side bars which have a silver background, and in the top bar which is site-coloure but has the avatar in a silver frame.

Just let the silver/white background behind the avatar shine through.

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