If one's avatar is partially transparent, for example like the topanswers icon https://avatars3.githubusercontent.com/u/59606420?s=400&v=4, then it currently will be displayed with black background


For me this was quite surprising, because from other sites/programs I am used to substituting transparency with white or grey. 

![document1.png](/image?hash=0d4983f94e35ee323eb7e41b55896fa9da5da02e927fa09076899c5164d7121f) ![document.png](/image?hash=6f610483220b6273b8189e0130c3661da4ffe84f29b8ec681c75573db7d95277)

What does the community think? Do you like the black background? Should it be changed (if technically possible)?
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# Keep it transparent
Avatars appear in post headers which have a silver background, in post summaries which have a white background, in chat side bars which have a silver background, and in the top bar which is site-coloure but has the avatar in a silver frame.

Just let the silver/white background behind the avatar shine through.
Background colour for partially transparent avatars
David replying to Skillmon
What? Where? I can't see this "invisible avatar"!!
Yay invisible avatar!
Adám replying to samcarter
Well, you used the chat room as intended. Win.
samcarter replying to Adám
Thanks for clarifying your post!
samcarter replying to Adám
Ah, so the colour from the surounding elements
Adám replying to samcarter
That would be a background colour added to the image. What I see is that avatars appear in post headers on silver, in post summaries on white, in chat side bars on silver, in top bar on a silver square on a site-coloured bar.
@Adám The questions is what should the background colour be? At the moment it is black