Some questions are suited to answers which begin with a heading, and sometimes that heading might be hyperlinked. There's already [one good example on TeX.TA][1], but there are bound to be others.

My question is: should this heading be `H2` (which is my assumption), or `H1` (depending on how certain "html5" practices are understood), or even `H3` (although I doubt it)?

Obviously, this is reasonably trivial. But I am pretty sure that some people (`*cough*`Caleb`*cough*`) might care about a matter like this.

[1]: https://topanswers.xyz/tex?q=350
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Jack Douglas
It makes sense to use `h1`/`#` for the top level heading rather than `h2`/`##`. However the browser defaults for large heading sizes are a bit *too* large.

We've overridden the defaults, roughly following [this style guide](https://www.smashingmagazine.com/2011/03/technical-web-typography-guidelines-and-techniques/#setting-a-scale).

Example headings:

* # h1 Heading: 28px
  Normal paragraph text

* ## h2 Heading: 25px
  Normal paragraph text

* ### h3 Heading: 22px
  Normal paragraph text

* #### h4 Heading: 19px
  Normal paragraph text

* ##### h5 Heading: 16px
  Normal paragraph text

* ###### h6 Heading: 16px
  Normal paragraph text
Answer #2
Convention on codegolf SE is `#`, I guess seeing each post as a separate "document". However, here on TA, <h1>s are quite big…
Answer #3
I'd go with a similar reasoning as Adám.

An answer is a self-contained section in a document, which's heading is the question, so it should be structured as such. Just because the CSS is big for h1 doesn't mean the markup should be changed. So I'd advocate for `#` as the top-level for an answer.
Etiquette: Starting an answer with `#` or `##`?
David replying to Jack Douglas
Interesting! Thanks for the insight.
Jack Douglas replying to David
yes, unlike on SE we parse by default in the client. This is a conscious choice to reduce the attack surface on the server as markdown parsing is quite a complex business. It also means there is less load on the server of course.
Jack Douglas replying to PeterVandivier
temptation reduced ;)
Jack Douglas replying to David
I agree, and we've toned it down slightly, thanks for the guidance!
Harry Roberts (whose name you might know?) [recommends a scale for headings](https://www.smashingmagazine.com/2011/03/technical-web-typography-guidelines-and-techniques/#setting-a-scale) (scroll down a wee bit from that heading), but that's from 2011, and conventions might have changed.
Okay, there's [Elements
of Typographic Style
Applied to the Web](http://webtypography.net/) by Richard Rutter, but I don't see much (any?) help there on headings.
David replying to Jack Douglas
That's one I have no insight at all on. I've never used `h5` or `h6` ... I don't think! Maybe, ironically, just to make something small! It's more ##1 and 2 that are the issue for us, of course. I thought there was something like [Bringhurst](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Elements_of_Typographic_Style) for webpages, but can't call it to mind just now. Will see if I can find it....
Jack Douglas replying to David
should all headings be larger than paragraph text?
@Jack So I make that:

| H# | em | px |
| 1  | 2.0 | 32 | 
| 2  | 1.5 | 24 | 
| 3  | 1.17 | 18.72 | 
| 4  | 1.0 | 16 | 
| 5  | 0.83 | 13.3 | 
| 6  | 0.67 | 10.7 | 

(some decimals rounded) My tastes would probably want `H1` to come down a titch, maybe 1.8em or something like that. (Picky, picky!) But especially if "answers" are considered documents and we're using `H1` as the recommended "title" level for answers that use them.
Jack Douglas replying to PeterVandivier
we've considered that — an explicit tl;dr line might be useful. Probably deserves it's own dedicated meta post though ;)
i wonder also though if "answer" type posts should be allowed all the features of questions? i've mentioned previously that [i'm in favour of tagging answers](https://topanswers.xyz/meta?q=567), why not a title as well?
PeterVandivier replying to Jack Douglas
that would reduce the temptation (for me) to use `##`
Btw - does Markdown get "parsed" on-the-fly? When I view-source, there's no HTML'ed Markdown, just "raw". Not what I was expecting!
David replying to Jack Douglas
Hmm... for me, the `H3` *looks* good (it's what I used in the Meta.TA "icons" thread), but the `H1` (in the TeX.TA "icons" thread that I linked) looks a bit overpowering.
Jack Douglas
@David side question, should we reduce the heading sizes on TA?