In the main site view, the bottom of the chat pane shows the room icon and has a selector for which chat one wants to participate in (I presume, as no site has multiple rooms as of yet).

However, on a post page, only an avatar is shown with no selector. I get that there can only be one chat room per post, but maybe the empty space next to the icon could hold the question title, further emphasising that this chat is for the particular post?

P.S. Could the drop-down be given the full width of the pane?
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James Douglas
Both the main site view and the post page now have the avatar of the room and then the room name, with a selector for other rooms on the far right, along with pinned rooms.

![Screenshot 2020-04-22 at 08.36.08.png](/image?hash=97e0d13ab8afcd14d0cfff07f19a004343a9c7333b8f35864bdd843358bc5dec)

![Screenshot 2020-04-22 at 08.36.58.png](/image?hash=b23e7dbfcdba2411717fa7be3d9fee5f4d1a862bbd27b9aa55de2fd6cd1e1ab5)

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