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Jack Douglas
There are a lot of disaffected people on Stack Exchange, and some of them may be glad to know of an alternative. Word gradually gets around of course, but perhaps we should be thinking about nudging people over here and suggesting they plant some new communities.

What are our options for doing that?
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Jack Douglas
Appropriate participation on

Sometimes people ask whether there are any alternatives to SE around, and it would be good to have an answer on [Are there any clones/alternatives for running a Stack Exchange style Q&A site?]( for example.

Here's a great example of this kind of promotion in action:, please upvote it if you have a account.

There may be a other questions and/or comment threads where an answer or comment might be appropriate.
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Jack Douglas
Advertise TopAnswers in your username on Stack Exchange?

At least four people have adopted this and most appear on a [Google search for "TopAnswers"](

Possible tags include:

* … is at
* … says try
* … likes

Do bear in mind that:

* display names appear to be limited to 30 chars
* "[when changing display name, you have 15 minutes grace period to change it back, otherwise you'll have to wait 30 days before being able to change it back](".
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Jack Douglas
Twitter ([](

Things that might help get the word out on Twitter:

* Suggest things we should tweet
* Follow/retweet/like TopAnswers tweets (such as [this one](
* Tweet links to good questions/answers and tag us so we can retweet
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There has to be an incentive to be here, and that are currently only the TeX, DB and CodeGolf Communities, plus Meta if you want to actively build up TopAnswers.

Since StackOverflow is the largest community on SE, we'd have to have an equivalent of that. I don't think it's possible to create a critical base of users without at least one very popular community. I'm a bit surprised that it doesn't exist, but also unsure if there is maybe a reason for that. I searched Meta a bit, but only could find another proposal for a C++ community - I don't know how fragmented TopAnswers is planned.

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