When viewing a community, question headers are displayed with answer snippets.  It appears that there was an attempt to preserve markdown format in the snippet (see **nix** bold below the second question). It also appears that the markdown format isn't entirely preserved (see the second answer to the top question).  

Since the markdown headers don't map nicely to answer snippets, and people are likely to use headers at the top of answers, it might be best to convert headers to bold for the answer snippet, or perhaps just strip out any markdown characters that doesn't map nicely to a snippet.

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Jack Douglas
@@@ answer 362
Answer Snippet Formatting Inconsistency
PeterVandivier replying to Jack Douglas
rite tho :-P
Jack Douglas
and so is the unrendered markdown in the answer snippet inside the answer I just posted here…
Jack Douglas replying to PeterVandivier
that is so ironic :)
ah... case-sensitive
@@@ Answer 362
not sure if ironic :-P   
![Screenshot 2020-01-22 at 11.35.26.png](/image?hash=218cd8b75f1011c7924494e55cdaea17a9e263bf3283788a51b085a334f77fda)
Paul White
@holmanb Related: [Strip Markdown from snippets](https://topanswers.xyz/meta?q=370)
not really making a position here, just thinking "out loud"
seems like it would be a more general case solution to the inconsistent markdown, but i also have worked through enough messy git logs to know that you can't expect people to be consistent about adding a helpful summary after they've done lots of typing that is the actual content
this inconsistency hasn't bothered me yet, but i have been wondering about the "first line preview". i've been trying to keep my answers structured with the first line in mind - and i've been wondering if something like an "answer title" or "answer summary" makes sense