It has been mentioned in other Q/A posts that stars increase voting power at a rate of `floor(log10(stars)) + 1`, and stars are community-specific (i.e. they don't transfer between communities).

As a user, it would be nice to be able to somehow figure out the number of stars.  Perhaps that information could be embedded in the user profile on each community?
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Currently you can mouse-over any avatar and see how many stars the corresponding user has in a tool tip.

For example, at the time of writing this you have 29 stars in Meta.

Screenshot (cursor not visible):

How to Find Profile Reputation
:) Nice.  Sounds like a fun community.
Skillmon replying to holmanb
Relatable, I just know because we had our fun at the TeX beta hailing to every new point leader (which sometimes changed on a minute-by-minute basis in the early days).
@Skillmon I tried that previously but clearly I was not patient enough to wait 1.5 seconds for the count to appear.