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Out of curiousity, I dropped [https://topanswers.xyz/tex](/tex) in my browser to see what's happening on the private beta over there.  Since I hadn't requested access, I unsurprisingly didn't get in.  

The thing that DID surprise me however, was that I was presented with the beautiful error string below.

ERROR: invalid room CONTEXT: PL/pgSQL function _error(integer,text) line 1 at RAISE SQL function "login_room" statement 3 SQL function "login_community" statement 1 

Perhaps we could have something a bit nicer than an error string?

**Here are a couple of ideas, ordered from "most reasonable to least reasonable":**
- present the user with a "request access" page if they are logged in
- point the user to a question on Meta where they can request access in chat
- just present a static webpage saying that the page is not yet out of beta
- leave it as is, people likely won't try to access beta sites, and it isn't a high priority
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Jack Douglas
Definitely off-putting, thanks for drawing attention to this. We've added a landing page for private beta communities as suggested.

> * just present a static webpage saying that the page is not yet out of beta

We've chosen this option for now, with a link to the meta chat room where access can be manually requested. We might well refine this at some point with a more specific link to information about the particular community, and I'll update this post when that happens.
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Strong Mad
I was just recommend to come to top answers and check out the private beta for TeX and I got the same page. I knew I wouldn't get into the site, but that was a pretty off putting message. I was really expecting some sort of directions of how to get access. It would be nice to have something more than just the error page. You almost lost me, a somewhat tech competent individual, to the void because of the error page.
Private Beta Access
@jack - Thanks for the quick resolution!
Jack Douglas
@Strong thanks for the feedback — we've added a rudimentary landing page for the private betas which hopefully won't give the next user such a bad first impression!
@Strong Mad - Stay strong, this site is definitely in its infancy (the problem we have noted as one bit of evidence), but in my short stint hanging out here, I've noticed that things change very quickly upon request.  This is definitely a breath of fresh air from sites like SE where requested changes take months to years to change.  Here it seems like reasonable requests get heard immediately and implemented within days.
Strong Mad replying to Skillmon
not a huge deal, and I am sure there are bigger priorities, but it should be on the list.
@Strong sorry for providing the direct link to TeX-TA, instead of sending you to the front-page or Meta.
To be clear, I'm not actually requesting access to /tex.