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When another user answers your question or edits an answer on your question, you get a friendly pop-up, like this:

![Screenshot 2020-01-14 at 14.07.19.png](/image?hash=ade588ffcafde3cab101c23238ecb0090697af6d37cf7243df43859370aad6fd)

When you click through, you get more information, which might look like this:

![Screenshot 2020-01-14 at 14.09.57.png](/image?hash=249743a517f1ef60e71b315f3a048b8295e16d6ef870d6a157b37b94131112d8)

It would be nice to have a preview of this diff in the pop up (subject to certain practical restrictions).
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Jack Douglas
We don't think there is enough space in the notification area to add a useful edit preview except for the most trivial edits.

It's also an edge case — edits are not very high volume, and you'll usually want to review them in detail.

Tagging as `wont-fix` for now…
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