Regarding ["YYYY-MM-DD for SQL Server"](https://topanswers.xyz/databases?q=30#a576) on the databases community, the "`status-completed`" and "`re-opened`" and subsequent "`fixed (again)`" states of the issue are tracked in markdown diff as a part of the post history (and bump the "line 1" description off the preview box) rather than in something more sensible (like a [chat timeline marker perhaps](https://topanswers.xyz/meta?q=427#question)). 

Answers do not always conform to the same category(ies) as their prompting question(s). Additionally, the impetus to modify the tags of a base question to conform to the content of subsequent responses may flatten the call-and-response nature of the question-then-answer. Adding the ability to tag an Answer separately from the base Question obviates this potential.


Sidebar: it might make sense to restrict answer tags to tags that are not already assigned to the parent question.
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Just some thoughts I'd like to throw in here for discussion:

If there were tags for answers, maybe they could also be used to describe for which software versions/operating systems an answer works or does not work? 

This is probably only be useful for some topics, but when searching for a solution, I often have the problem that there might be many different answers, but they might not all work for the particular software version/operating system/etc. that I have. So I usually test several ones until I find one that works for my setup. This is especially a problem when using non-standard versions, for example very new or very old ones.

As I'm probably not the only one doing this, how about preserving this information to save others from doing the same tests? User could add some tags to answers that says for which software versions/operating system the answer works and for which one it doesn't.

See a quick mock-up in the image below (sorry, it is based on stackexchange, but you probably get the idea)


*Disclaimer: This is based on a similar suggestion I made for codidact some time ago https://forum.codidact.org/t/categorize-answers-with-tags/185*
Allow tagging of answers
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You're welcome!
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@samcarter can you edit your answer once more? i want to screencap the notification for another `feature-request` :-P