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It would be nice if images in flagged posts/chat messages would show the image link as text instead of image or hide the image behind a spoiler.

Currently, the post/chat message is still shown to members of the flag crew, including problematic content like NSFW images. 

My current workaround after such an incident is to block the offending image in my adblocker. It would be nice if TopAnswers could automatically not display images in such posts. Just showing the url to the image still allows to understand why a post was flagged, without having to see it again every time one visits the site.

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Jack Douglas
now partly implemented

So far what's new is that if a flag crew member flags a chat message in a community (not question) room, it will display as raw markdown on refresh.

In addition, flagging a message bumps it in the polling update queue so other users viewing that room will see it change to raw markdown as part of the regular polling cycle - a few seconds for an active room up to much longer if less active. Refreshing manually also works for everyone of course.

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