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| 2020-02-19 | adjust header navigation and rollout to all pages | [Make the site selector universally available](/meta?q=645), [Browsing questions + using browser "back" button is suboptimal](/meta?q=652)
| 2020-02-17 | new search features | [Is there a way to browse a list of tags?](/meta?q=485), [View/filter questions by tag](/meta?q=369), [Better support for tags](/meta?q=694)
| 2020-02-16 | new header navigation control (experimental) | [Special "About" post](/meta?q=640)
| 2020-02-12 | make long code blocks expandable | [A proposal for less crowding in chat pane (particularly on long comments)](/meta?q=513#a563)
| 2020-02-10 | tweak voting thresholds to be exact powers of 10 | [How is reputation earned?](/meta?q=232#a179)
| 2020-02-09 | system notifications | [New system notifications](/meta?q=699)
| 2020-02-09 | limit the number of answer summaries visible
| 2020-02-04 | switch notification order | [Notifications in 'newest first' order.](/meta?q=677)
| 2020-01-31 | 'or later' license selection | [To-do list before going public](/tex?q=379#a703), […I always specify the version as an inequality (e.g., GPL ≥3.0)…](/transcript?room=543&id=15058#c15058)
| 2020-01-22 | SE account linking | [Link SE identity without manual admin intervention](/meta?q=409#a647)
| 2020-01-18 | improve look of quoted comments | 
| 2020-01-16 | stable sort order for room icons (experimental) | [Pin a chatroom permanently to list of rooms](/meta?q=505)
| 2020-01-15 | room icons now use community colour only | [Custom question room avatars](/meta?q=432#a437)
| 2020-01-12 | room icon 'unread' counter revamp | "[…the new message counts on chat room icons have stopped appearing…](/transcript?room=1&id=11228&year=2019&month=12&day=27#c11228)", [Allow opening chat rooms in new tabs](/meta?q=536#a586)
| 2020-01-11 | star board (take 2)
| 2020-01-06 | show extra hover info on question list | "[…I can't tell which answer was edited…]("
| 2020-01-05 | add landing page | [Feature Request: Landing Page](/meta?q=514), [Please add an "about" or "imprint" page](/meta?q=263)
| 2020-01-04 | improve metadata for imported posts | [Keep original date of imported posts](/meta?q=457), [Show who imported a post from SE](/meta?q=495)
| 2020-01-03 | fail2ban with some default apache filters 
| 2020-01-01 | ~~star board~~
| 2019-12-30 | rounded corners on user identicons
David replying to Jack Douglas
Yep, and on rising, too. Has calmed down a lot here, though.
Jack Douglas replying to David
windy night last night though, wasn't it? :)
David replying to Jack Douglas
Ah, right. It was partly the quietness of \*nix that prompted my post on Caleb's "scope" thread about "Computing". Questions I had in mind sat at the intersection of software/hardware/OS, but more software, so not a great fit for \*nix atm, I think. Anyway! plenty to do, it looks like. Hope it's a good day at your end. (Sun is shining in Scotland, btw.)
Jack Douglas replying to David
*nix is still private — and very quiet too. Having C++ public is an experiment and if it works we might go the same way with *nix…
@Jack I expect the "landing page" will be a moving target for a while, but we've got at the moment: "`We also have *nix and Code Golf communites in private beta.`" But am I right in thinking that \*nix is now open to all? 
Jack Douglas replying to David
the comment link is a 'ping' so you could have replied to me as well :)
David replying to Tom V
Although I was replying to James's post... 🤷‍♂️ Maybe I could have edited my chat with the other "reply" during the edit window, if that would generate both "pings". Oh well, the situation doesn't arise that much!
Jack Douglas
(needs refresh)
Jack Douglas replying to David
thanks for finding and reporting that — it's now fixed!
Tom V replying to David
I think you could reply to his message
(Doesn't look like I can "ping" Jack any more?)
@James There [seems to be a bug]( associated with 2020-02-09, the limited summary list. FYI! 
Jack Douglas
There is also now the commit history [on GitHub](, but we'll keep updating the changelog here with changes worth highlighting.