If one uses the "comment" link below questions or answers

![Screen Shot 2019-12-24 at 17.32.38.png](/image?hash=6247d9a5a5f18cc63fb928d1f717761e52ebaa69525b873c8f0403d36e40aadd)

it would be nice if the resulting comment would have a link back to the post, for example by adding "replying to <link to post>" like it is displayed if one replies to other chat messages

![Screen Shot 2019-12-24 at 17.32.43.png](/image?hash=09b8be4362a8d051505ded303be364810728bd080879699f8b9971d5ef1e4f47)

Especially if there are multiple answers (maybe even from the same person), this would make it clearer which post the message is about.
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Jack Douglas
How would you feel about a weaker connection, for example just adding the text: "@Person, re [your answer](), " by default when the 'comment' link is clicked?
Add link to the answer/question to comment
Jack Douglas
of course if you really want to add '@Person' nothing would stop you doing so.
Jack Douglas replying to samcarter
I like that a lot — simpler and better
@Jack Would it be possible to make this less tied to the person who wrote the post? For example ping the OP, but start the comment with something like `Re answer/question xxx, ...`? The target audience for some comments might not necessarily be just the author of a post but also other user that just read it and it might be confusing if they explicitly talk to the OP instead of everybody.