It would be nice if imported posts would show when they were originally written, not just the time stamp when they were imported.

This would help to get some context:

- of the chronological order of multiple answers, which one is the most recent, etc.

- in case the answer makes references like "... this will be included in the next release version" 

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Jack Douglas
The original dates are now imported and shown, and the date of the import itself is visible in the history.

We've gone back over all previously imported posts and re-imported the dates from SE. All imported posts should have a 'history' link even if they haven't been edited after import, and this shows that they were imported, and when, and (for new imports only)[^1] by who.

If you spot anything that looks wrong, please let us know in the comments here.

[^1]: plus ~50% of TeX imports where we were able to positively identify who did the import

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