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Would it be possible to make the input boxes for questions and answers eligible for browser spell checking?

I'm not on good terms with spelling, therefore I find the spell checking of my browser very helpful to catch at least some of my typos. On TopAnswers this works great in the box for composing chat messages, but not in the editor for questions and answers. I don't know what the technical difference between the two boxes are, but would it be possible to change the question/answer editor in such a way that browsers could spell check it?
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Jack Douglas
Summary: we have a solution that works well with Firefox and OK-ish with Chrome.

> …would it be possible to change the question/answer editor in such a way that browsers could spell check it?

Sadly there isn't a very good solution to this — CodeMirror is otherwise great (and even works well on mobile), and if we just use a textarea instead (like the chat input box) then we lose the syntax highlighting which would be a shame.

There is an 'out of the box' solution for CodeMirror, and there are some plugins as @Josh [mentioned](https://topanswers.xyz/transcript?room=466&id=9630#c9630) in the comments. The former appears to be quite flaky (it works pretty well in Firefox but not so well in Chrome), and the latter are separate from the Browser's built-in dictionaries etc, which isn't ideal either.

As an experiment we are enabling the native method and asking for feedback. Is it better than nothing on Chrome? Does it do any harm on any other browsers? Please let us know.


This seems to be at least moderately successful so we will stick with it for now.
Make question/answer boxes eligible for browser spell checking
See also: [my proposal for a textarea input option](https://topanswers.xyz/meta?q=535#question).
@Jack Thanks for your answer! With firefox it seems to work great!
Josh Darnell
There's a GitHub issue discussing this exact issue in the CodeMirror repo: https://github.com/codemirror/CodeMirror/issues/1017
Josh Darnell
Upvoted!  For whenever Jack or James comes along, it looks like someone has written [a basic spell checker plugin for CodeMirror](https://github.com/sparksuite/codemirror-spell-checker) (which is what does the markdown rendering / mirroring and previewing for posts).