feature-request planned
Currently the post "history" page only shows edits to the body content. I suggest it be expanded to a more complete timeline of events related to the question, including tag edits. It could also show key events like flag actions (in addition to the chat bot messages [suggested here](https://topanswers.xyz/meta?q=425#question)). This would provide a clearer picture of how the post evolved and who did what. Right now tag edits are virtually anonymous and the changes un-auditable.
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Jack Douglas
I've moved this on to [to a GitHub issue](https://github.com/topanswers/topanswers/issues/23) so work can begin, and will update the post here when it is complete.
Changes to tags should show up in post edit history
Post history seems a better place than chat for flag events, too.  Reviewing flags in the context of edits helps with those "wait, why was that flagged?" puzzles.