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Notifications about post changes are useful, as is the edit history, but neither of these things is well cordinated with the other activity on posts.

I would suggest adding a TA bot user that posts in the room chat when activities happen on a post.

> User C posted new answer.

> User M flagged answer.

> User A edited answer.

> Unel N counter-flagged answer.

Having these interspersed with other chat messages (that may or may not give further clues as to what inspired changes) would much more useful that the flat display currently available (especially for flaggers) that reveals nothing about when or why they took the action of flagging.

I would suggest this completely replace the current system of showing avatars of flaggers under the question where –to my eyes– it still looks like that is some sort of endorsement.
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Jack Douglas
I'm marking this as `wont-fix` for now.

In practice, the chat transcript isn't very connected with the Q&A, and that is by design. Q&A post history should be completely independent of the comments, which are just transient (albeit permanently available in archive form in the transcript) conversations around improving posts.
Use TA bot user to post timeline changes in chat
Somebody else just [proposed the same feature here](https://topanswers.xyz/meta?q=433#a439).
Caleb replying to GeorgePalacios
The way flags are currently implemented, they are public record for anybody that can see the question, but the way they show up is a bunch of avatars in the question meta data line. My argument that that showing them publicly there doesn't provide any useful context. Whether or not they should be public at all is another issue entirely (I'm not convinced they should be public), but if they are going to be on record with the question I think correlating them with other post activities would make them much more meaningful. Then it would be clear if an edit was in response to fixing a flag or whether counter-flaggers just disagreed or what.
What's the usefulness of showing when a flag occurred to regular users?