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We have some really _really_ long code blocks showing up on the TeX site sometimes. I think it actually makes it harder to understand what the gist of the answer is. I would suggest adding a `max-height` style rule to code blocks across all sites that shows maybe 25 or 30 lines at most, after which it would scroll internaly. I think this arrangement would be useful more often than not.

For those "not" cases where the long code really needs to be read through (for example with lots of comments where the code comments are the substance of the answer) a couple ways to mitigate negative effects.

1. Offer an optional class on the code block (not on by default) that  would disable this. I don't know about the [markdown-it used here](https://topanswers.xyz/meta?q=72#question) but Pandoc's Markdown flavor would let you set a class on a code block something like this:

    ``` {.no-scroll}
    code here...

1. Offer a "light-box" style maximizer to view code blocks in the full frame.

1. Add a [copy / download](https://topanswers.xyz/meta?q=309#question) tools.
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Jack Douglas
Current thinking is to limit height by default (without scroll), but add a 'show more' link to see the full contents.

How does that sound?

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