Many sites have mechanisms for "bumping" old posts so they rise to the top of the list.

Right now I'm struggling to read through the list to find the topic I want without search - I think an ordering to ensure active topics are kept near the top of the list is important.

So to the questions:

What's the current state of play in regards to order of questions?
What are some ideas of how it could work?
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The current state of play is "most recently active first".

Search probably _should_ be the first line of defense if you are looking for something specific.

There is not any filter  or browse by tag, but I have [requested such a thing here](https://topanswers.xyz/meta?q=369#question).

Given that questions do not currently have votes, sorting them by votes doesn't make any sense. I think the main sort method that would make some sense to add is "sort by question date" so that the question list is chronological by question date and skips the noise produced by question and answer posts and edits constantly bumping everything.
What order do/should questions appear in the list?
At least that's my observation.
Caleb replying to GeorgePalacios
Answers, edits, and answer edits, yes. Chat, no.
@Caleb When we say "most recently active" does that mean edits, chat, answers, all of the above etc?