We need a tool of some kind such that user accounts here can authenticate their SE identity and link their accounts so that their important posts are parented correctly.

Pinging @Jack and getting him to hand verify and link SE identities does not scale.
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Jack Douglas
You can now link your SE accounts to your account here. If content has already been imported, it will transfer to your account.

Under 'community settings', you should find either a button to link your accounts:


or, if you are already connected, a link to your SE account profile:

![already linked](/image?hash=c93761fc6f2a208261ded88a59531c19813f73254380c1f03e24aa72814aa746)

There is one unexpected quirk: you need an SO account for this to work. The linking process on the SE side will prompt to create one. This is annoying for those of us who have deleted their SO accounts, but seems to be unavoidable.

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