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As discussed with @JackDouglas and @Monica on 2023-03-15 in a chat (https://topanswers.xyz/transcript?room=3880):

I was (and still am) unable to see a post of mine that was deleted: https://topanswers.xyz/meta?room=3880#c155293 (I got the URL from an old email notification)

In that scenario, I wanted to retrieve the details of the deleted post so that I could re-post it in the correct forum. It was previously posted in the Meta forum, to be reposted to the db<>fiddle forum. But I didn't have a way to get the old content from the deleted post. 

I could see the chat, but not the deleted post:


As discussed with @JackDouglas and @Monica, could that issue be investigated?
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Jack Douglas
Thanks very much for reporting this, it is now fixed.

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