I've been having constant problems with the post rate limiting. I think it's too agressive for normal use. I would suggest a more variable scale where a few things in relatively quick sucession don't lock me out, but if there is a small flood that continues it kicks in.

It seems like right nowe there is a flat rate of some kind. 1 answer post per 60 second block or 1 question per 120 second block or something like that.

These numbers are out of a hat, but:

* 5 posts in 5 minutes should be fine. It shouldn't batter if they are all in 5 seconds or spread across the time block.
* 10 posts in 10 minutes probably shouldn't be fine.
* 30 posts in 30 minutes definitely shouldn't be fine.
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Jack Douglas
I've moved this on to [to a GitHub issue]( so work can begin, and will update the post here when it is complete.

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