There is not an obvious way to navigate from a post's edit history page back to that post in context. There should be.

In the event I arrived at the history from the post itself, the back button does function (although a visible link would also be good), but in the case of following it from an external link or from notifications or whatever, there is actually no way to get there withouth going to the home page, hunting for the question, and opening it manually.
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**Adendum:** This also needs to happen for post chat room transcripts. They show the name of the post they are connected with, but it is not linked and there is no obvious way to get back to the post.
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This question got jinxed by [this issue]( I wrote it the other day, got locked out by rate limits, and left the tab open to post later, then had to leave for the day. It looks like the link back got implemented sometime between when I noticed and wrote this post and now.

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