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Question titles on the main page are nice and clear:

![Screen Shot 2019-12-09 at 7.12.26 PM.png](/image?hash=efaee81920b4f8f1876050463e1dda2ec6b56d2cffaf722cb84aca7e41f23a45)

On the question pages themselves, though, they've gotten fuzzy.  I think there's a faint shadow there:

![Screen Shot 2019-12-09 at 7.12.35 PM.png](/image?hash=5809547598fe2c1c57021db612cf06f82c1f4b32a965e4a98d85acf276fc99a6)

Is this by design or is it a regression?  (I don't think it's been that way all along; it jumped out at me just now.)

I turned off userscripts and styles to confirm it's not something I'm doing.  Doesn't seem to be.

Because it's large I can still read it, and most of the time I'm coming from the question list so I've already seen it, but just now I followed a link and thus my first view of the question title was of a fuzzy one.
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Jack Douglas
In hindsight making the text a little blurry doesn't really add anything of value. We've removed the text shadow as of now.
Answer #2
I agree, the shadow seems to have been added and I would consider it a visual regression. It shows up a few other places too. Even for those of us without vision challenges it doesn't improve readablity. It does balance the visual weight of elements on the page a bit, but with all due respect I think that problem would be better solved with an overhaul of the UI to cleanup the design, tweak the relative size and weights, and make better use of whitespace.

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